It’s almost impossible to write about writing in any meaningful way. It’s like trying to make art about making art, or asking three different people to define what makes a person.

What I can say for myself is that I have a lot of experience, and I really, truly, love what I do. I’ve written for screens and pages, radio and live theatre. I’ve written speeches and comic books, academic research and performance poetry. I’ve also written design documents, training modules, impact reports, newsletters, blogs, tweets, personality quizzes, art lectures, and corporate learning sessions on LGBTQ+ history. Right now I’m working on two novels, a new play, and a guidebook to understanding cults.

Samples of my past personal work will be added here in the next few weeks. In the meantime, if you’re interested in commissioning me, please reach out via the Enquiries page and I’ll be happy to share relevant projects with you directly.

The Ratsinger (2010) – original stage play