Once Again I Am Updating My Website

Last time I did this there was a global pandemic like a week later and every project I could possibly put up here came to a halt. The pandemic is still here, but we’re used to it / bored of it now, so it’s time to have a portfolio again.

There is a secondary purpose to the update this time; 3rd party internet infrastructure sucks ass now in a way that has gone beyond unstable and become outright hostile to indie creators. I’d like to relocate to my own site as my primary blogging/art platform and figure out some kind of solution to hook up my output to various social media platforms automatically. It used to be possible. I’m sure it is still possible one way or another. Ideally I would like to stop reading other people’s posts entirely. (If you’re reading this I don’t mean you, your content is funny and insightful and original, I’m talking about everyone else don’t worry).

Duck enclosed.