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  • You Need More Free Art

    You Need More Free Art

    I quit my job on Friday. Well, actually I quit my job eight weeks ago, but they finally released me for good behaviour. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do – but I do it for the wrong reasons. Working for major charities, you learn very fast that ‘I want to make the…

  • Well hello

    Well hello

    If you’re reading this, you must be one of my favourite people. I wouldn’t be here right now without the amazingly supportive friends and creative communities who have given me the chance to carve out a niche as a small press editor over the last couple of years. My business is going to launch officially…

  • Relaunch April 2024

    Relaunch April 2024

    If you happen to find your way here from scattered links over the next few weeks, you might see the site looking a bit messy. I’m gearing up to relaunch my freelance business full time starting from April, which means this page has to undergo the transformation from semi-personal space to semi-professional portfolio. Also the…