is the central hub for all of R/L Monroe’s writing, illustration, audio and comic work.

R/L Monroe is responsible for everything here. He lives in Glasgow, Scotland and spends most of his time writing, drawing or yelling about media in some capacity. 

He is bisexual and a bastard and fights no war but class war.

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"bastard who won't let me rest or live"
"the second-worst thing that scotland has ever inflicted on the world"
"A+ super cool guy"

Why R/L?

It stands for Rosa/Lee. R/L is genderfluid and has used both names. Right now he’s comfortable presenting and living as a man, and uses the name Lee.


It’s a term that indicates somebody’s gender identity fluctuates, or that their experience encompasses multiple genders. 

What pronouns should I use?

Pronouns matching the associated gender identity of the name being used are preferred. Rosa = she/her, Lee = he/him, R/L = they/them or pronouns matching their current gender identity.

This is confusing

So’s income tax. I believe in you.