Mythology being what it is, it’s hard to put a blanket content warning on all of the stories Mythos will encompass. That said, it is frequently NSFW, and not recommended for readers who are sensitive to nudity, violence or sexual scenes.

I don’t like putting  age ratings on media, and I don’t want to tell people how mature or otherwise they need to be to enjoy the comic. However, I do think it’s important that people are equipped to judge for themselves whether Mythos is for them. Here’s what you can generally expect:

  • A lot of casual nudity.
  • A moderate amount of bad language. This isn’t a stylistic choice as such, I’m just very bad at censoring myself.
  • Occasional horror scenes/stories, depictions of death and decay.
  • Occasional sex scenes – all consensual, but not always necessarily comfortable.
  • Treatment of religious themes. None of the denominations in Mythos are intended to represent existing faith systems, but they are all heavily inspired by our own world and share a certain amount of real world terminology.
  • Children’s fairy tales???

For the most part, the comic is not particularly graphic, and I tend to include warnings in update announcements when a page is very obviously NSFW. However, I have an admitted blind spot for some things (mainly casual nudity), and you might not want to make a habit of reading from work or anywhere it might get you in trouble.

Still with us? Excellent.