Hey hey hey, welcome to the new site! If you know me or my work from anywhere online, this URL should be a lot easier to remember — and it’s kind of a portent of the future! Mythos is far from the only comic series I have planned over the next few years, and so Mortality Plays is the name to remember if you want to keep up on everything I do. That’s the name you’ll find on tumblr, on twitter, on storenvy, at conventions, and (eventually, fingers crossed) on books.

Besides the slick updated layout (and archive system that finally works), you should notice a fancy button carousel up at the top of the page. That’s the mark of Countershot Press, the indie comic studio I now work with! Each button will take you to one of our sister-comics, and the logo on the left will take you to our main hub on tumblr where you can follow all of our updates, guest promotions, weekly feature articles and more. We have lots going on, new content every day of the week and a few neat surprises in store for our followers. You can even follow it via RSS if that’s your thing!

Little bits of the site are still under construction — we have no ads yet, you might notice, and eventually I hope to make the Cast page a little more intuitive — but the full archive is up and much easier to navigate than the old site ever was. New pages will be going up here first starting this Wednesday, and will CEASE TO BE UPDATED from the end of this chapter. Remember to update your bookmarks and your RSS feeds!


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