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  • SCUM

    I'm back baby!!! My new ongoing comic has finally launched with three full pages to give you a little taste of what we're going to be in for with this very silly, very bloody, very high octane soap opera of sin. You can dive into it right now! Keep an eye on the little thumbnail at the top of the front page for new updates, which will appear spasmodically from now on. The comic page itself will be spruced up over time with character pages, a proper archive etc. as we get deeper into the story. I'll keep ya posted. In the...
  • Pics n Pods

    First up an NPC portrait for the horror rpg I DM for friends once a week. Second up, a new episode of Murder-Suicide Matinee went out last week and you can listen to it now! I'm going to fix up the Podcasts tab soon but in the meantime here's this. Well bye!
  • Site Updates & Patreon

    The new website is finally taking shape, give or take a couple of unfinished spots. You can now access the full archive of Mythos under the 'comics' section, where all my new projects will also go as they're completed. You can also check out galleries of my illustration work, which will similarly be updated as we go along. For those who aren't aware, the purpose of the new build is to eventually replace the way I used to work on tumblr. New art and writing will be hosted here, so I don't have to worry about losing years of archives any...
  • O

    I've been struggling with my output recently , so last week I turned to twitter to give me a prompt for a lightning-fast flash comic. Through a series of 10-minute polls, twitter provided this: 'an experimental horror about a reptile chasing a dream' A few hours of intense work later, this is what I produced - I call it O. If you're interested in seeing more of the development of this piece, consider throwing some loose change at my new Patreon!
  • Hi tumblr!

    I'm currently rebuilding the site into a new hub for my art and writing. All my new content will be hosted here from now on, since external services have failed me so many times. Find me on twitter or pillowfort if you want to follow my social media presences, but ctrl-D and bookmark this here website if you want to stay up to date on all my projects and side content. It's about to get considerably more exclusive. 
  • Goodbye / Hello

    I’m not going to make a big song and dance about this, but if you follow me on twitter you probably saw that I’m putting Mythos officially to bed for a while.  It’s a tale as old as time – I started it in college, the early chapters don’t represent the quality of my work any more, I’ve changed a ton (name, job, city, gender) since I started writing it, and I want to feel free to pursue new projects without that albatross around my neck. I might come back to it episodically now and again, but as my primary project...